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Elho - Self Watering Insert

Elho - Self Watering Insert

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Take away all your watering worries – Invest in looking after your expensive plants.

Over-watering and root-rot is the fastest way to kill your new plant, root-rot can happen when you water your plant too frequently or do not have adequate drainage. It's less about how much water you use in one watering session and more about how often you are watering your plant.

When you plant into the Elho Self-Watering Insert your plant then grows “water roots” which grow through the base of the insert, into your cover pot and allow the plant to absorb water at its own pace.

Easy to see when the water level needs topping up.
Keeps your plants healthy and at their best.

Sizes suitable to fit most Elho indoor cover pots as well as many other pots, including ceramic.

100% recyclable
Made with Wind Energy
Made from recycled plastic
Dutch design
Made in The Netherlands

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