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HEMLEVA Earrings - Ginkgo Studs

HEMLEVA Earrings - Ginkgo Studs

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Known as a living fossil, each Ginkgo tree can live for over a thousand years, which is why the Ginkgo are a renowned symbol of longevity.

Ginkgo are also known for their endurance because they have been known to survive nuclear bombs, earthquakes, poor growing conditions and pollution.

These tiny, minimal and timeless Ginkgo Studs symbolize endurance and longetivity and are a gentle reminder that while delicate in appearance, they are incredibly strong.

This makes these Ginkgo Studs a a sweet reminder of that you too, are stronger than you know - more capable than you know - and that you can balance softness with hardness.


  • Each earring is 5/16” tall

  • Earring posts are 1 cm long

  • Brass Base with 22K Gold Plating

  • Stainless Steel Posts that are Nickel-Free

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