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Monstera Delicisoa Albo Variegata 'Variegated Monstera'

Monstera Delicisoa Albo Variegata 'Variegated Monstera'

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This plant is sold in a 23cm plastic nursery pot 

The Variegated Monstera is truly one of the most sort after house plants for collectors. The stunning variegated foliage speaks for itself.

Monstera's themselves are considered easy care plants, however there are a few extra things the variegated variety is going to need. First, lots of light - even some soft direct sun is recommend, this is due to the lack of chlorophyll in the plants leaves. Over watering this plant can become an issue so it's important to always check the soil is slightly dry before you water it again. They thrive in warm humid areas, make sure they are kept warm during the winter months.

Please note: the plant pictures is the exact plant you'll recieve

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