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Moobee - Indra Botanical

Moobee - Indra Botanical

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Moobee soft pots are an awesome present idea for you and your plant-loving friends; they're sure to spruce up your indoor plant collection nicely. Our soft pots can also be used as a stylish storage solution in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. 

14cm Pot

Moobee 14cm planters are 15cm in diameter and approximately 14cm tall. They will fit a standard 14cm pot. Our 14cm pots have a water-resistant vinyl lining.

Moobee Soft Pots are made from natural fibres. Do not plant directly into the planters. Use a separate pot and drip tray. Remove your plant to water and return once it has had time to drain the water.

We carefully select prints from our catalogue of very talented local and international graphic designers. This beautiful print was designed by well known American surface designer Holli Zollinger.

All Moobee products are made in Auckland and care is taken to best reduce, reuse and recycle during the making process. Kelly carefully plans each cut to ensure there are minimal waste and designs alternative products to utilise scrapes.

Moobee sources Cotton & Cotton/Linen fabrics through local suppliers and also import unique designer prints that are often exclusive to use here in New Zealand.
IMPORTANT: Due to the way our planters are cut, the design, position of the pattern and direction of the print may differ from the image. Please refer to the large fabric image to view the design in a larger piece



Moobee does its best to create a premium product that is also kind on the earth. The wooden bases used for mini & 10cm are cut locally using offcuts from caravan fit-outs. We do not use vinyl on the smaller sizes and choose to use a natural stiffening to add texture and versatility to the products.

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