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Activated Charcoal - 500ml

Activated Charcoal - 500ml

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Activated charcoal can be the perfect foundation for planting in closed or open terrariums without drainage holes. Dubbed "horticultural charcoal," it's supercharged through a process of intense heat to increase its absorption properties, helping to keep your plants safe from overwatering causing damage. Charcoal has natural anti-microbial potential, with the power to capture impurities and any other toxins to protect the soil and roots from bacterial and fungal problems.

Our 500ml bags - crafted precisely in Aotearoa - is the perfect addition to your miniature landscape, with its granules all roughly the same size as ya see in the pic. Not only will it be aesthetically pleasing for your design, it'll also provide powerful benefits to your plants health- talk about a win-win! - what more could you want?

Another great benefit of horticultural charcoal is its talent for trapping toxins and microbes. It's a natural method to prevent any stinky build-up, 'cause it prevents bacterial and fungal growth. It's top-notch at absorbin' impurities, keeping your greens healthy and blemish-free. Horticultural charcoal is like a VIP service for your roots, making sure they can suction up as many nutrients and minerals as possible to help keep your miniature ecosystem thriving. It also helps keep that O2 flowin' in the soil, powering up your plants with even more nourishment.

Also, horticultural charcoal is the bee's knees for keeping soil vibrant! It balances pH levels, 'sweetens' it (keeping the pH levels over 7.0, to make it a bit more alkaline than acidic), and provides a substrate with air pockets and aeration. These cushy environments allow roots to stretch out and prosper!

Easy to use
Tending to terrariums whether it's a close self watering system or an open cacti landscape? Activated charcoal is your go-to. (It's perfect for outdoor containers too, withstanding heavy rain like a champ) Best of all, it's easy to use - just add your decorative layers of rocks, pebbles, sand and pumice, then sprinkle on about 1/2" of horticultural charcoal, top with potting media and voila!... well almost, don't forget to add your plants and a decorative materials!!

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