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Goeppertia Purple Rose 14cm

Goeppertia Purple Rose 14cm

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This Goeppertia roseopicta purple rose is guaranteed to catch your eye! It just can't be ignored - with its ever-changing hues, ranging from magenta to rich purple depending on light, it's constantly evolving before your eyes. Plus, the lush foliage and full-bodied shape make it worth providing a bit of extra humidity. To keep Goeppertia Purple Rose thriving, they love bathrooms, kitchens, or any space with added moisture. If needed, use a humidifier to keep 'em happy.

You may be familiar with the name Calathea and aware of some varieties--- however, just as we've learnt our to properly pronounce Calathea they've been reclassified as Goeppertia! So you could spot some name switches comin' around!

Sold in a 17cm plastic growers pot

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