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HEMLEVA Pin - Maidenhair Fern Grave

HEMLEVA Pin - Maidenhair Fern Grave

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Every single one of us has been there.

Either we were too eager and loved the plant (i.e. overwatered it) to death, received some bad tips (like “watering” a plant with ice cubes, or water frequently and shallowly), or simply had the wrong environment for a plant (hello Maranta’s - I still love you).

We have all killed a plant, and each and every time we grow, each time we learn something new, and each time we get better so here’s to learning from our mistakes, here’s to the next plant and continuing to grow alongside it.


  • 1.5” tall and 1 1/8" wide

  • Hard Enamel Cloisonné Pin

  • Comes with a secure Flat Head Tie Tack Backing

  • Includes a fully illustrated card display

  • High Polished Gold Plated Base

  • Illustrated by Samantha Leung

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