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Umbrella Tree - Schefflera Alpine 14cm

Umbrella Tree - Schefflera Alpine 14cm

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The Umbrella Tree, also known as the Schefflera Alpine, features unique palmate evergreen leaves. It's the perfect addition to your home, bringing both air-purifying properties and a quirky twist to your indoor decor.

This hardy and forgiving plant can reach up to 2m+ in height with proper pruning. Place it in a spot with medium to bright, indirect light and keep the soil moist but not wet. And don't forget to give it some love with a yearly fertilizing in spring.

Keep an eye out for symptoms like black or yellow dropping leaves (too much water!) or wrinkly leaves (too dry!). And if your plant is feeling a bit leggy or sparse, it might just be begging for a brighter spot.

This plant is sold in a 14cm plastic nursery pot.

Hop on over to our Plant Profiles page to discover our extensive library of care info for your leafy pals - plus oodles of extra advice and hints!

Please note: Plants may differ slightly from the one pictured. Any planters, pots and baskets pictured are all available separately.

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