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Repens Variegata

Callisia repens variegata, commonly known as Sweet Bubbles, is a low-growing succulent boasting attractive pink-hued young leaves, creating a dream-like aesthetic. These patchy tones are set against the backdrop of green or cream-yellow foliage, and the underside of the leaves feature a striking shade of purple.

Water: Water your Sweet Bubbles regularly, but let the soil partially dry out between waterings. Make sure the pot has adequate drainage, as roots don't thrive when wet for too long. Water more often during the spring and summer when the plant will be actively growing, and reduce watering during the winter.

Light: Sweet Bubbles should receive bright indirect sunlight daily, as shadier spots may impede the visibility of the foliage's variegated pattern. While some morning sun is acceptable, midday sun should be avoided as it can lead to leaf damage. To keep the amazing variegation vibrant, adequate sunlight is non-negotiable.

Maintenance: Trim regularly to keep your Callisia Repens looking bubbly! When it starts to trail, it's time for a cutback or let her hang down! Don't forget to treat it to some summery showers, or a good rinse every now and again to rid it of any dust.

Temperature: Callisia Repens Variegata enjoys warmth & humidity; ideal temperatures should exceed 16°C.

Toxicity: The Callisia Repens are toxic and could cause a ruffle with your fur babies and rug rats--so don't let 'em chow down!

Origin: Central America 

Extra Care + Tips: If your leafy friend isn't living up to its potential with its pink and cream hues, it's likely using its resources to keep on keeping on. Give it a helping hand by finding it a spot with more light - and don't let too much green foliage get in the way of it showing off its colours-chop chop chop!

Brown leaves? Could be an H2O issue, or you could've hit 'em with too much sunlight. Either way, weigh your options - is it time for a move or a drink?

Fun fact: Marvellous variegation—white, cream, baby pink & cream leaves—makes Sweet Bubbles a sight to behold—even though the lack of chlorophyll means these leaves can't photosynthesize & help the little guy out.

To ensure optimal growth, it is important to maintain a balance between the green leaves and the variegated foliage of Callisia Repens Variegata; if left to its own devices, this plant will eventually take on its natural green form.