Funki Studios

"Funki Studios is all about being your most fun + funki self!
Living your most funki life is about taking risks, not being afraid of getting a stare or two from people who wish they could be as funky as you. It's about being your bright, bold and brilliant self and not giving a flying F about what anyone else has to say about it. Funki Studios for me is about tapping into + expressing my grooviest self and helping others to do the same.
Funki Studios is a one woman show with all of our pieces handmade with lots of love in Aotearoa, NZ - by myself, Tui. Creating, wearing and now selling my own jewellery has allowed me to embody the aunthentic + funki me! And being able to share these designs with you all is the grooviest of all.
I am so grateful for your support.
Tui x"

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