Re Potting Service

Do you need to repot your indoor plant but don't know where to begin? Bring it to The Power Plant, and we'll take care of it for you! We mix our own premium indoor potting medium, and each mixture is customised for your plant variety.

We will first start with a consult on your plant/s and talk through what needs to be done and our recommendations. We'll then give you a quote for the service and a timeframe. All plants will be planted into reused plastic grow pots, or you can choose a decorative planter from our wonderful range, you're also welcome to bring your own planter.


Please don't bring in freshly watered plants or wet soil - please wait until the top two inches has dried.

If you suspect your plant may have pests, please come in WITHOUT your plant and let us know. We can meet you outside and take it from there.

Our Re Potting Service includes:

  • Premium medium suited to your plant
  • A water with suited fertiliser, Dyna-Gro KLN & Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt 
  • Leaf clean and shine
  • Used plastic grow pot 

Pricing starts from $3 for mini pots (approx 8cmd) 


While we take the utmost care of your plant while repotting and while it is in our care, it's your responsibility to ensure it is watered correctly and is kept in the right lighting conditions once you’ve received your repotted plant. It is normal for most house plants to go into a little shock when re potting and may drop some older foliage, by using our service you are accepting that this may happen to your plant. Any issues or on-going problems we encourage you to get in touch with us.


Please note we may not be able to re-pot your plant/s straight away, depending on staff and how busy we are we may ask you to come back later on that day or the following day.

The price of a new decorative planter is not included.