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Blue Star Fern with Emma Planter

Blue Star Fern with Emma Planter

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Let us take the hassle out of finding the *perfect* pairing of pot and plant—whether it's for you or a giftee, we got the inspiration covered!

When folks think of ferns, most of us shudder at the thought of dealing with a Maiden Hair or a Boston Fern. Let the Blue Star give your faith a chance - these gals are easy care! With those funky and sporadic leaves, it's got layers of character. This charmer's foliage begs to be admired, from its soft greeny-blue and grey-green, it's sure to liven up any relaxing home space whether it's placed on a table top or hung high!

These Emma pots make an 'everyday plantastic' addition to your home decor! Just slip in a 14cm grow pot and it's the perfect 'cover pot' for displaying your plants. Please note: glaze colours may vary slightly.

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