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BOTANOPIA - Porcelain Germination & Propagation Plate

BOTANOPIA - Porcelain Germination & Propagation Plate

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You can never have too many plants. Cherish your favourite plants by growing their babies with the help of this porcelain germination & propagation plate in size S. Soon your cuttings will be all grown up and ready for you to repot them.

Use this propagation cone to get a front-row seat to nature’s show of growth. Grab a glass or jar and fill it with water before placing the plate and resting your seed on top. Make sure to refresh the water regularly and check if the roots are dipping their toes in for optimal growth. The seed or plant cutting stays dry above the germination plate, to avoid dreaded rotting issues.

We designed the germination plate to be simple and durable, made from white porcelain. It’s crafted in a small ceramics studio located in the Czech Republic, it will soon become your favourite item in your plant growing tool kit.

Size: SMALL 


Plant and glass not included.

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