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DIY - Mini Mossarium Kit

DIY - Mini Mossarium Kit

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Create your own miniature green oasis and bring a touch of nature into your life with Mossarium Magic! Discover the magic of Mossariums – where nature meets art in a beautiful, self-sustaining display.

Our all-in-one DIY kit is perfect for nature lovers, children or and creative person this kit allows you to build a captivating, low-maintenance Mossarium – a easy care blend of art and nature.

What's Inside:

  • Glass vessel with cork lid
  • Decorative stones, pumice and sand to create your drainage layer
  • Activated charcoal for optimal growth and health
  • Fern Fiber for the moss to attach onto and hold moisture
  • Live moss
  • Wooden stick 

What You'll Need:

  • Spray bottle for watering
  • Tweezers if you prefer 

No green thumb required! Our kit provides everything you need for a hassle-free, beautiful Mossarium.

How It Works:

Build: Follow our simple step-by-step guide to assemble your Mossarium.
Care: Learn the basics of maintenance with our easy-to-follow care tips.
Enjoy: Sit back and watch your tiny green world thrive.

We can package and courier our kits anywhere in New Zealand, and we even offer free gift wrapping so you can make it extra special for your special someone (just let us know at checkout)

Make sure to add a greeting card for an extra special touch!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not gifting straight away, please keep the moss moist and out of direct sun. It will be ok for up to 3 weeks in it's own little bag. For nationwide shipping we will need to wrap the vessel individually for transit. When it arrives you may want to remove the extra packaging before gifting.

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