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SUPERthrive Pro-TeKt 8oz (236ml)

SUPERthrive Pro-TeKt 8oz (236ml)

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SUPERthrive Pro-Tekt 0-0-3 The Silicon Solution is a supplement that supplies soluble silicon and potassium to your plant to help build stronger plant cell walls and helps your plant's natural defences protect itself against pests and disease. Put simply, it acts as a bodyguard for your plant and since silicone doesn’t translocate within the plant it must be manually applied and made available continually throughout the plant’s life cycle.

So how does it work?
Silicon strengthens the plant’s cell walls by embedding itself into the cell structure, a simple analogy would be the use of rebar in concrete walls to reinforce concrete. 

Silica makes up 95% of all known rocks and is also the second most abundant mineral that makes up the earth’s crust so when we take plants away from their natural environment and out of the ground we are taking away their natural defence mineral. 

Silicon is considered a ‘beneficial nutrient’ and not an ‘essential nutrient’ therefore it’s not active in your general fertiliser so our plants rely on us to add the silica that’s missing, adding silica will assist the plant in creating a barrier and protecting themselves the way nature intended them to.

A plant also requires high levels of potassium during the fruiting or flowering stage. Potassium is not physically part of any plant tissue and it activates many key enzymes for plant growth and cell reproduction. Potassium occurs in the guard cells of the stomata and is therefore essential in transpiration and respiration. A lack of potassium when the plant is young cannot be compensated for later.

Why should I add Pro-TeKt to my plants?
For protection, growth and resilience.

Being a source of silicon and potassium, it helps your plant grow faster, and stronger and supports your plant's natural defences against insects, fungal infections and disease.

Pests and diseases are a natural part of having house plants and the constant use of strong pest treatments can be harmful and time-consuming. Pro-Tekt helps your plants fight back.

Pro-Tekt helps develop stronger and broader stems on your plants and while doing so helps nutrients and water travel more easily and efficiently to where they're needed. Having stronger stems your plant will be better equipped to support bigger, heavier leaves and flowers (even vegetables and fruit too)

If you find yourself becoming a little forgetful or busy (also applicable to over-carers) using Pro-Tekt will help your plants handle neglect and tolerate stress better (this isn’t a challenge!) You will find you’ll have more resilient plants and can cope better with inconsistent watering. ALSO, better resistance to droughts, heat and cold.

Directions for use
Frequency is the best defence, It's better to feed weekly, you can also use it as a foliar spray for the fastest protection (see directions for use below). Dilution rates vary. For adding to every water (recommended), 1ml to 1.5 litres is the maintenance level. Silicon is a very safe supplement so you can adjust the dose to match your plant's needs. Check the full Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt directions for use before first use. 


Because a very high pH is required to keep Pro-Tekt concentrate in solution, it is very important to fully dilute your application before adding any other fertilisers or tonics to the mix. It is ok to add your fertiliser and Pro-TeKt in the same watering can and water at the same time as long as you dilute Pro-TekT BEFORE adding the others, otherwise, it will turn into a lump of silicone gel.


Application rates:
Maintenance (for house plants): Mix at a dilution rate of 1:750 (1ml to 1.5 litres / 13.3 ml to 10 litres of water) with every watering.
Container Application: Mix at a dilution rate of 1:3000 (3.3ml Pro TeKt to 10 litres of water) to 1:1500 (6.7 ml Pro TeKt to 10 litres of water) with every watering.
Foliar Application: Mix at a dilution rate of 1:3 000 (3.3 ml Pro TeKt to 10 litres of water) to 1:1500 (6.7 ml Pro TeKt to 10 litres of water) and spray directly on leaves.
Siphon Mixer: Mix at a dilution rate of 1:15 (333 ml Pro TeKt to 5 litres of water) for a concentrated feed solution.
Irrigation Injector: Mix at a dilution rate of 1:100 (100 ml Pro TeKt to 10 litres of water) to make up an injectable concentrate. Please note: Because a high pH is required to keep Pro-TeKt in solution, the concentrate cannot be mixed with any acidic fertilizer.  Therefore, apply Pro-TeKt separately when using a single-head injector.

Silicate (SiO2) 7.8%
Potassium (K2O) 3.7%
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