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Echinopsis 'Hedgehog Cacti' 14cm Basket

Echinopsis 'Hedgehog Cacti' 14cm Basket

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The Echinopsis 'Hedgehog Cacti' is such a funky looking plant, with the multiple growth points creating a hedgehog-like effect! This plant is a slow-grower and will grow the most in those warmer months which also includes bloom production. The blooms can range from white, red, purple, pink, to yellow therefore adding more gorgeous detail as the plant grows in spring & summer.

Sold in a 14cm growers pot

Basic Care Requirements:

Water: This plant prefers a dry environment over humid therefore, keep watering to a minimum and ensure the plant is in a well-draining soil mix so that the soil does not become water logged. After watering, ensure the excess water has been removed from the drip tray to avoid root rot.

Light: This plant requires full sun during the day although, a shady spot will also work for this plant. To encourage blooms in the summer, place in a spot that gets direct sun throughout the day.

Soil: A high-quality, well-draining premium cacti mix.

Humidity: This plant enjoys a dry spot over a humid spot. This plant is also cold tolerant which is handy during our cold, wintery months. 

Fertilizer: Use a balanced fertiliser once a month during Spring and Summer. We recommend the Dyna Gro Foliage-Pro as this fertilizer contains all the required nutrients that will support foliage growth in your plant.

The Dyna Gro Pro-TeKt is a recommended suppliment that encourages cellular growth and strengthening that will aid your plant in protecting itself against pests.

Both are available in our 'Plant Food' section of the website.

Toxicity: Toxic.

Origin:  South America. 

Please note: Plants may differ slightly from the one pictured. Any planters, pots and baskets pictured are all available separately.

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