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HEMLEVA Suncatcher - Olive Branch

HEMLEVA Suncatcher - Olive Branch

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The sweetest little suncatcher to add to any space that needs rainbows.

I designed this suncatcher with the intention of it fitting into any standard greeting card. That way you can easily give someone a little bit of joy and rainbows - giving someone a reason to smile.

Whether the card you're sending is for a birthday, an anniversary, the holidays, one filled with get well soon or "I'm thinking of you and miss you" greetings, what better way to add a bit more joy and easy reasons to smile to their lives than to tuck in and include a sweet little suncatcher along with it?

The phrase "extend an olive branch" has been used as far back as in Ancient Greece and Egypt. Symbolizing peach, love, friendship and forgiveness, I hope that this suncatcher is a sweet reminder to help you through the day. A daily reminder to be kind to yourself and to others.

This sweet suncatcher of Olive branch cuttings in a vase is a perfect addition to any window that gets direct sunlight. You can add it to your East-facing window to catch rainbows as you start your day with your morning cup of coffee or tea, a West-facing window to catch them with the setting sun, or a North-facing window to have lovely rainbows dance across your floor all day long.

Add one to your window at home, at work, in your studio, or in your car!


  • Removable & Reusable Suncatcher

  • 3” wide x 4.1” tall

  • Simply affix it to a clean window that gets direct sunlight, and watch the rainbows fill your home. If it is cold out (below 60° F) please spritz your suncatcher with water before moving it to ensure the screen-printed design does not flake. 

  • Designed in Seattle

  • Made in California

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