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Hoya Pubicalyx 'Red Buttons' 17cm Basket

Hoya Pubicalyx 'Red Buttons' 17cm Basket

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This plant is sold in a 17cm hanging basket

The Hoya 'Red Buttons' is a gorgeous, trailing plant that can produce a cluster of star-shaped blooms - Hoya flowers are very sort after and it's always a treat to have a blooming Hoya plant! We love to play around with trellises when it comes to a Hoya; these plants can create multiple stems that result in thick, sturdy foliage along each stem. 

Hoya's can handle drying out between waterings and will enjoy a brightly lit space with filtered sunlight. If your Hoya sends out shoots with no foliage, this is a good sign that your plant is searching for light and may need to be placed in a brighter spot. 

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