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Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine 17cm Basket

Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine 17cm Basket

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The Swiss Cheese Vine has impressive fenestrations and is perfect for someone who wants the like-ness on the famous Monstera Delisoisa but doesn't have the room. This vining plant works well on a shelve or in a hanging basket cascading down, you can also guide this plant to climb up. 


This plant is sold in a 17cm plastic nursery hanging basket.


Basic Care Requirements: 

Water thoroughly and keep up with watering, it's important not to let these plants dry out or sit in water for long periods of time. We recommend checking the soil each time and not relying on a schedule.

Loves bright indirect light, will cope in lower light and a little very early morning dabbled sun is fine too. ⠀⠀⠀

Likes the soil to be well-draining.

Not essential but they do love high humidity levels and a warm position. You can place on a shallow pebble tray filled with water and mist regularly. Even outside in warm summer rain or bring into the bathroom when you have a hot shower or bath works wonders.⠀⠀

Use liquid fertiliser once a month during Spring and Summer.⠀⠀

Moderately toxic, best to keep out of reach of children and animals - could cause irritation.⠀

Central and South America⠀



Please note: Plant pictured is an example and may vary slightly.

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