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Peperomia Polybotrya 'Raindrop Peperomia' 14cm

Peperomia Polybotrya 'Raindrop Peperomia' 14cm

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This plant is sold in a 14cm plastic nursery pot.

Peperomia Polybotrya also known as Raindrop Peperomia, sports thick, deep green, disk shaped leaves that can grow up to 12cm in diameter and a height of up to 30cm.


Will thrive off a bright lit area but will cope being in medium lighting conditions.

Allow soil to completely dry out between watering. Peperomia store a lot of moisture in their leaves which will feel 'rubbery' when they are in need of a drink.

Fertilise in the growing seasons.

Non-toxic to children and pets.


Please note: Plant pictured is an example and may vary slightly.

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