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CocoLoco (Vegan Coconut Rough)

Organic Coconut in the most Creamy Coconut Milk Chocolate you can imagine.

organic Solomon Islands Cacao beans 32%
organic desiccated coconut 20%
organic coconut milk powder 20%
organic raw sugar
organic Cacao butter 8%

Meet the Beans: Bean-to-Bar Chocolate
The Bean-to-Bar concept (the way of bringing the beans, their grower and the maker into a loop), showcases whole beans used for their particular flavour profile distinguishing one variety from another, very much like vineyard growers and their grapes.

​Hand Made & Ethical - Chocolate made from the whole bean, by the chocolate maker.

  • Beans are ethically sourced. (This means the Farmers are paid fairly for their beans, there is no child slavery on the farms and no middle-men in the supply chain). 
  • Uses minimal processing and ingredients.
  • Made on a small scale so each batch can be optimised by the chocolate Maker.
  • Reliant on high quality ingredients to achieve the amazing diversity of flavours and aromas. Celebrates the subtle natural differences in bean flavour.
  • Uses as little sugar as possible.
  • Avoids emulsifiers and other ingredients that are added only to make the chocolate cheaper.
  • Our bean varieties each have a known history.
  • It's important to us that the land and the people involved in growing them are well treated.


Meet CHOCOLATE MAKER - Mike Renfree:
Mike's interest in Chocolate Making evolved after a lifetime working as a Chef and Food Technologist. The science brain met the creative brain with great gusto and the secrets of Cacao were slowly revealed.

What followed was an inspired move to one of those rare communities where anything is possible...the west coast beach town of Raglan, New Zealand....Raglan Chocolate was born in 2017.

"We make Bean-to-Bar Chocolate for the love of creating unique chocolate with our hands, simple machines and the secrets of the chocolate maker.  Believing that good Chocolate is an exotic treat, made by craftspeople, not the sugary confectionary made in a large corporation."

​Mike learned to make chocolate many years ago in a mainstream business, but always believed there was a better way.

The Bean-to-Bar Chocolate concept was described to him back then as 'some radicals making chocolate on the streets in the US'. There was something about the alternative, fairness and authenticity of Bean-to-Bar that seemed to feel right…and stayed with Mike.

​It was with the move to Raglan years later with his family, that the chocolate dream became a reality. Raglan is one of those town's that brings the best out in people and where new creative ventures are encouraged and supported. 


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