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String of Turtles in Grey Dune Planter

String of Turtles in Grey Dune Planter

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POT: Dune planter in grey speckled
The Dune ceramic pots boast a beautiful textured and speckled finish with embossed details around the base. These cover pots are perfectly sized for our 12cm plants.

PLANT: Peperomia Prostrata - String of Turtles
The Peperomia Prostrata is an easy-care houseplant that is known for leaves that resemble turtle shells and gently hang from long vines, thus inspiring the common name - String of Turtles. Loves bright filtered light, harsh direct sun may burn the leaves and it will not tolerate low light. Likes to be kept in slightly moist soil throughout the growing season (spring and summer) and during the cooler months likes the soil to dry out more between watering. Do not over-water, always check the soil before watering. Increase the humidity during the winter months, especially if you find the air in your home is quite dry.


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