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Variegated String of Pearls 14cm

Variegated String of Pearls 14cm

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The Variegated String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus Variegata) is a well loved plant for collectors. They are known for their pearl like leaves that are swirled in green, cream and sometimes even pink and purple colours - you can acheive this with the right combination of sun stress and water. The string-like stems trail elegantly and can cascade several feet. The Variegated String of Pearls is slower growing in comparison to its non-variegated counterpart, due to lack of chlorophyll in it's leaves. 

They are an easy care plant, given they are placed in the right position. Too low light and this plant will slowly die. Bright light and direct sun is a must also be mindful not to over-water. Like all succulents the String of Pearls store their water supply in their leaves, so the soil doesn't need to be constantly wet. 

Sold in a 14cm grow pot.




Please note: plant pictured is an example and may vary slightly

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