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Acalypha Hispida - Summer Love

Acalypha Hispida - Summer Love

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The Alaclyphia Hispida (Summer Love) plant is an eye-catching evergreen shrub that sporatically produces striking, crimson flowers that are fluffy in nature.

Fun fact: The name originates from the French word 'Caterpillar' because of its funky flowers!

Sold in a 14cm plastic grow pot. Please note we can not guarantee the plant you will receive will be in flower.

Basic Care Requirements:

Water: Maintain moderate moisture as this plant loves damp soil but not soaking soil.

Light: Alaclyphia Hispida plants enjoy bright, indirect light which will aid in vigorous growth!

Soil: A standard high-quality indoor plant mix

Humidity: They love high humidity levels. You'll notice browning along the leaf tips if the humidity isn't high enough.

Fertilizer: Use a balanced fertiliser once a month during Spring and Summer. We recommend the Dyna Gro Grow fertilizer if you would like to help your plant produce those fuzzy, crimson flowers and also will aid in the health of your plant.

The Dyna Gro Pro-TeKt is a recommended suppliment that encourages cellular growth and strengthening that will aid your plant in protecting itself against pests.

Both are available in our 'Plant Food' section of the website. 

Toxicity: Toxic

Origin: The Phillippines and New Guinea

Please note: Plants may differ slightly from the one pictured. Any planters, pots and baskets pictured are all available separately.

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