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Ficus Pumila 12cm

Ficus Pumila 12cm

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The Ficus Pumila, also known as the Creeping Fig, has an evergreen coloured, heart-shaped foliage that grows from slender stems. As the common name suggests, this plant can trail like there is no tomorrow! Because of this 'trailing' ability, people in the indoor-plant world like to either having a pole of all shapes and sizes for their Creeping Fig to climb on, or allow it to trail down in a cascading manner. 


This plant is sold in a 12cm plastic grow pot.


When caring for a Ficus Pumila, ensure that the plant is in a brightly-lit space with filtered light, as direct sunlight can burn the foliage! A premium well-draining potting mix will be the perfect soil to use for your plant, in addition, a warm, humid space will also be perfect for the Ficus Pumila. Since the growing habit of this plant is to trail, you can definitely give it a trim/prune when needed; however, please ensure that you wear gloves when pruning as the milky sap can irritate the skin. 

During the summer, the plant will be in full 'grow mode' so ensure that the soil is kept moist (but not soaked), whereas, in the winter time the plant will become more dormant and won't require as much water in comparison to summer. 


Please note: the plant pictured is an example and may vary slightly

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