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Rhipsalis Ewaldiana 'Mistletoe Cactus' 17cm Basket

Rhipsalis Ewaldiana 'Mistletoe Cactus' 17cm Basket

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This plant is in a 17cm hanging plastic nursery pot.


Rhipsalis are an epiphytic cactus and usually attach themselves to trees and rock faces in their natural environment.



Rhipsalis prefer a well lit area, ideally close to a window while also not receiving any direct sun.
They won't tolerate darker areas too well so make sure they're getting adequate light year round.


These plants tolerate being dry fairly well. Wait until the top 5cm of soil has completely dried out before giving a thorough drenching. If unsure, always leave it for a few more days as they will not like being overwatered.


They will thrive in a warm and humid condition, but will tolerate drier conditions without too much fuss. Don't mist these plants as they are techically a cacti and water becoming stuck around the leaves could lead to rot.

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