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Senecio Herreianus 'String of Watermelon' 13cm Basket

Senecio Herreianus 'String of Watermelon' 13cm Basket

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The 'String of Watermelon' plant is another baby to add to your 'String of _____' collection! Slightly larger than the 'String of Pearls', there is a visual difference as the multiple stripes on the foliage mimicks a watermelon; as the common name suggests! The multiple stems, mini watermelon-looking foliage, and greeny hues create a visually stunning plant that'll either look great hanging or cascading in a cover pot. 


Please note: Plants may differ slightly from the one pictured. Any planters, pots and baskets pictured are all available separately.


To care for a 'String of Watermelon' plant, sunlight is important for longevity and growth, so find a space that has plenty of morning or late afternoon sunlight; 6-8 hours a day is best. The sunlight at the middle of the day (especially in summer) is incredibly harsh and may cause scorching, therefore, the morning and late afternoon sunlight may be better suited. 

The foliage is shaped the way it is because of water storage, which means that this plant is drought tolerant and will visually indicate when it needs a big drink. The foliage will begin to shrivel when in need of a good soaking, so keep an eye out! 

As this plant is a succulent, a premium, well-draining cacti/succulent mix will be ideal for your plant baby. In relation to temperature, this plant will enjoy the warmer months and will require being moved to a warmer spot during the colder months. 

Sold in a 13cm plastic growers pot.

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