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Rosea Princess

The Clusia Rosea? More like Clusia ROSE-y-A! This quick-growing leafy houseplant couldn't be easier to take care of - just think of it as the ultimate low-maintenance friend! Its green, paddle-shaped leaves not only look great, but they help clean the air too. When conditions are just right, you'll be delighted to see beautiful funnel-shaped blooms in dreamy shades of creamy white and soft pink - these blooms only show up in warm, humid weather!

Water: Water thoroughly and keep moist year-round. However, these tough plants are drought tolerant so will forgive you if you miss a water.

Light: Loves bright indirect light, will cope in low light conditions as well.

Soil: Likes the soil well-draining.

Humidity: Not essential however they do love high humidity levels. 

Fertiliser: Use liquid fertiliser once a month during Spring and Summer.

Height and Growth Rate: Fast-growing, outside as a tree in their natural habitat this plant can reach heights of 6m. Indoors they can be kept as compact houseplants between 50-100cm.

Toxicity: Keep out of reach of children and animals, can cause irritation.

Origin: The Caribbean.