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HEMLEVA Suncatcher - Gloriosum

HEMLEVA Suncatcher - Gloriosum

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This beautiful suncatcher is a perfect addition to any window that gets direct sunlight. You can add it to your East-facing window to catch rainbows as you start your day with your morning cup of coffee or tea, a West-facing window to catch them with the setting sun, or a North-facing window to have lovely rainbows dance across your floor all day long.

Add one to your window at home, at work, in your studio, or to your car!

This rainbow suncatcher features a hand-drawn Philodendron Gloriosum by Samantha Leung.

Removable & Reusable Suncatcher
4 5/8” wide x 4 3/4” tall
Simply affix to a clean window that gets direct sunlight, and watch the rainbows fill your home. If it is cold out (below 15°C) please spritz your suncatcher with water before moving it to ensure the screen-printed design does not flake.
Designed in Seattle
Made in California

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